Ary Sarkar: Why Human Connections are Vital

Ary Sarkar has been recognized for his community work and his contributions an incredible number of times, and has had the honor of speaking to several politicians, celebrities, and more. Ary Sarkar has always been a humble and hardworking man, and people in high places have recognized these qualities in him and are always delighted to meet and speak with him.

As a successful entrepreneur, Ary Sarkar was listed among the ranks of Stanford’s “Who’s Who,” a remarkably select group. In 2003, he was listed in “Who’s Who in America,” which places his name in the Library of Congress along with some of the most accomplished Americans in history. Ary Sarkar was later appointed Honorary Chairman from California of the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Business Advisory Council. His involvement with politicians was only beginning, however.

In 2005, Ary Sarkar was a recipient of the National Leadership Award, which was presented to him by Congressman Mr. Thomas Reynolds. This was in honor of Ary Sarkar’s “outstanding service and leadership in promoting a pro-business agenda including tax reform and fiscal responsibility.”

Another special congressional recognition was awarded to Ary Sarkar by Congressman ED Royce for his service to the community. The California Governor, Gray Davis, also recognized and commended Ary Sarkar for his community service, as did the California State Senate.

Ary Sarkar has earned many more honors and recognitions, and will likely continue to earn them as time goes on. What all of the awards mean, however, is that doing good in your community and performing the tasks you say you will perform are often enough to make you stand out among thousands.