Ary Sarkar and Biomedical Technology

Ary Sarkar founded Arable Corporation in 2010, becoming Chairman and CEO and quickly leading the company to success. The term biomedical technology gets used often, but few people truly understand what it means. Read on for a simple and quick explanation of biomedical technology and how Arable Corporation is benefitting the medical community.

What is it?

Biomedical technology is simply the application of engineering and technology principles to living organisms. Specifically, biomedical refers to biological systems connected with disease and human health. Thus, biomedical technology is the practice of applying engineering and technology solutions to biological problems of health or disease.

Why is it useful?

Doctors, pharmacists, and drug manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to solve medical problems, usually by synthesizing a new drug from manmade and natural materials. Whenever these drugs are manufactured, they have to be tested and put through clinical trials before they can be put on the market. The process of introducing a new drug can take months, and up to a year or more.

By adding in technology whenever possible to help test the drugs or make the clinical trials more efficient, a medical company can spend more time and money on finding new cures. Through Ary Sarkar’s leadership, Arable Corporation is constantly striving to create new technologies and innovations that will allow drug and pharmaceutical companies to become more efficient.


Ary Sarkar founded Arable Corporation to fill a niche. By providing a service where one was sorely needed, both Arable Corporation and Ary Sarkar have been able to have a big effect on biomedical technology and progress.


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