Ary Sarkar’s Journey to the Top

Arindam (Ary) Sarkar, Chairman and CEO of Arable Corporation, is among the foremost biomedical technology managers in the country. Before founding Arable Corporation, Ary Sarkar served in high management positions at several other technology and research companies. Ary Sarkar served as the Vice President of Global Strategy and Alliance and Octagon Research Solutions Inc. until the company was acquired by Accenture. Before that, Ary Sarkar served as the Vice President of Corporate Development at Ninaza, Inc. and was with this company when they were bought by Octagon. He served at several other companies prior to these high management positions, often in management or middle management positions.

Ary Sarkar has made a positive impression on most everyone he has met on his way up, earning all manner of recognitions, honors, and awards. The recognitions that Ary Sarkar has received from congressmen, senators, governors, and mayors are highly impressive on their own, and he has still more honors from non-politicians and nongovernmental organizations. Above all else, the quality that has drawn people to Ary Sarkar has always been his dedication and determination.

As a schoolboy, Ary Sarkar was a driven and highly intelligent young man with ambition and charm. He excelled at school, attending the prestigious St. Stephen’s College at Delhi University before continuing on to his MBA. Ary Sarkar completed his MBA at the Modern Institute of Management in New Delhi, specializing in Marketing and International Trade. It has become evident that his education has served him well, as Ary Sarkar has risen through the ranks of the biomedical technology field to become head of an international biomedical and information technology corporation.


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